1L Air Sanitizer + 500ml Spray Bottle

1L Air Sanitizer + 500ml Spray Bottle


 OMBAC+ Ultron Air Sanitizer  
  Natural ● Safe ● Effective
         As Safe As H20

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Product Description

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   -       Made from specially formulated technology, Ionised Hypochlorous Acid
   -       Kills 99.99% microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungus and germs) in 30 seconds
   -       Antimicrobial & Antivirus
   -       Non-alcohol & Safe to breathe in, Non-fragrance and Non-toxic
   -       Cleans effectively           
   -       Eliminates airborne pollutants
   -       Prevent cross contamination   
   -       Reduce odour

       WAYS TO USE

   -       Dilute 1 litre of Ombac+ Ultron Air Sanitizer with 49 litres of clean water, and it can be diluted up to 50 times.       
   -       Diluted Ombac+ Ultron Air Sanitizer can be dispensed through air humidifier or fogging equipments
to eliminate airborne microbes effectively.

   -       Suitable to sanitize the air of indoor spaces such as classes, homes, offices, and confinement homes
           or the air in public environments such as hospitals, schools and shopping malls.

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